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Boateng rejects Manchester United
Boateng rejects Manchester United

Jerome Boateng would have rejected an offer from Manchester United, according to the German media Bild, who claims that the Bayern Munich defender.

Sunday, August 19, 2018   

Arsenal lost 3-2 on their visit to Stamford Bridge

The Gunners do not know what it is to win so far in the league and are located in the last places of the ranking.

Márcos Alonso scores the winning goal

The Arsenal does not raise in the Premier League and lost again, this time with Chelsea 3-2, the goals by the Gunners were Alex Iwobi and Henrij Mjitaryan while the locals got the victory with goals from Pedro, Morata and Marcos Alonso.

The gunner team was reinforced with aspirations to compete at a high level in the premier league and fans were even more excited with the hiring of technician Unai Emery, but the reality is that the team is located in the 17th position with 0 goals and -3 goals of diference.

Publicado: 2 years ago