Boateng rejects Manchester United
Boateng rejects Manchester United

Jerome Boateng would have rejected an offer from Manchester United, according to the German media Bild, who claims that the Bayern Munich defender.

Monday, August 20, 2018   

Poul Pogba explains the reason for the surprise defeat of Manchester United

The player explained that they lacked attitude to win the game and that the Brighton players surpassed them in that aspect.

Paul Pogba and José Mourinho

 Paul Pogba spoke to the media about the surprise defeat against Brighton 3-2 and explained that the defeat is due to lack of attitude to the "red devils", aspect in which they were overtaken by the local team.


The player explained to the Sky Sports media the following: "They were more hungry for victory than us, I am the first to recognize that my attitude was not the best, we made mistakes that we should not make, we tried to squeeze but it was too late. , but the attitude was not good, is what we lacked ".

 The team led by José Mourinho will have a tough test this Monday, August 27 as they will receive Totenham for the third date of the Premier League, the game will be played at 14:00 pm at Old Trafford

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