Boateng rejects Manchester United
Boateng rejects Manchester United

Jerome Boateng would have rejected an offer from Manchester United, according to the German media Bild, who claims that the Bayern Munich defender.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018   

Juventus insists on the signing of Marcelo

After taking over Cristiano Ronaldo the Vecchia Signora insists on a second player from the Chamartin squad.

Juventus insists on the signing of Marcelo.

Real Madrid occupies the center of attention. The Chamartín team, who yesterday played a more than outstanding game against Roma (2-1) and begins to generate a notable optimism in their fans, faces what will be their first season after nine years with Cristiano Ronaldo in his rows.

The Portuguese, reference and image of the European champion since his landing from Manchester United, has become one of the major movements of the transfer market with his arrival at a Juventus who now dreams of winning the Champions League on his back .

However, it is not the only piece that Vecchia Signora wants to take away from the Santiago Bernabéu. This is precisely what insists the Italian publication Tuttosport, source according to which Juventus is insisting on the possibility of closing the arrival of left-back Brazilian Marcelo.

The player of 30 years and fundamental piece for all the technicians who have gone through the merengue set is not the first time that appears in the bianconera agenda in the form of possible alternative.

In any case, and despite the insistence of the Turin squad, Marcelo's departure from Real Madrid seems like a real chimera, so if he wants to reinforce his left-handed side Juventus must evaluate other alternatives.

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