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Timo Werner warns Atlético de Madrid and Chelsea get fifth in the Premier League

Timo Werner warns Atlético de Madrid

Timo Werner warns Atlético de Madrid and Chelsea get fifth in the Premier League
Fútbol World Cup
Fútbol World Cup Tuesday, February 16, 2021

A week away from the Champions League challenge against Atlético de Madrid in Bucharest, Timo Werner overflowed Newcastle, provoked 1-0, scored 2-0 and led Chelsea's fifth consecutive win, the fourth in a row in the Premier League, against a minor opponent.

The London team complied. A victory was expected this Monday from him, also reinstated among the top four of the table, and he achieved it in a comfortable and irrefutable way, because he proposed more, created more, believed more and was - and is - better than his rival on Monday , with another unbeaten clash - he has only conceded one goal since the change of coach - and with the definitive contribution of the German attacker.

Today he is more an assistant than a scorer - he linked 14 days without beating the opposing goal until this Monday - at Chelsea, but with a number of resources to be the first or second at any time that put any opponent on the alert, Beyond the fact that their auctioneer efficiency is less than the one that amazed at Leipzig, perhaps also because the demand is greater.

He did not hit first in the head gift that Marcos Alonso gave him or later in another shot over the crossbar, but neither did Werner decline, insistent until he achieved what nobody had achieved before, back in the half hour of the duel, when he returned to the grass with a blow to the lip and with total determination.

He took the ball, drove it with unstoppable speed, exhibited his change of pace, overflowed to the bottom line on the left wing of the attack and caused the 1-0 with his center, the goalkeeper's clearance and the opportunism of Olivier Giroud, in the right place and at the right time to take advantage of such disorder with a left foot.

The match was his. Chelsea, incessant on the wings, especially on the right side with Hudson-Odoi, and directed in the middle by Mateo Kovacic, and Werner, who took advantage of the umpteenth corner, also Newcastle's umpteenth concession, to push the 2- 0 from the ground a meter from the goal and reaffirm at full speed -in 39 minutes- the undeniable 'effect' Thomas Tuchel on the Blue team .

In goal, the coach chose Kepa Arrizabalaga in the starting position. It was his second straight start game after the 1-0 at Burnley in the FA Cup ... And the first in the 'Premier' since October, when he lost the position with the evidence described by the subsequent 18 days without a minute. Without excess concern, he left a magnificent stop to Willock already 2-0. Paraguayan Miguel Almirón also had his chance, but his volley was unsuccessful.

Tuchel already has more with Kepa than Frank Lampard did in recent times, as the round of 16 of the Champions League and Atlético de Madrid appear, in which the presence of Tammy Abraham, injured in the right ankle in the 14th minute and replaced three later by Olivier Giroud. (D)

16 Feb
Timo Werner
16 Feb

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